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Curative and Prevention Tips » Laughter Therapy: The Best Medicine Ever

Laughter is an inaudible experience or the appearance of happiness. In most cases it is a very pleasant situation. Laughter therapy is a form of yoga employing self-triggered laughter. Laughter is used as a healing process to cope up with major life trauma involving stress, personal loss and disappointment.

The therapeutic benefits of laughter are as follows:

• Laughter lowers the blood pressure.

• It reduces stress hormones thus helping in stress management.

• It increases muscle inflexion.

• Laughter also activates the immune system.

• Laughing is aerobic, providing a workout for the diaphragm and increasing the body’s ability to use oxygen.

• Laughter brings in positive emotions and thus, can enhance conventional treatments.

• Humor allows a person to forget all the pains such as aches, arthritis, etc.

• Laughter provides good cardiac exercise and is especially helpful to those who are unable to perform physical exercise.

• Laughter therapy lowers the risk of cardiac arrest and is good for the circulatory system.

• Laughter is a universal language and helps bring people of different communities and views together and helps ease tensions, break down barriers and restore balance to an otherwise tension filled environment.

• Laughter therapy has got lots of psychological effects and thus helps fight ones loneliness.

• And at last but not the least, the biggest benefit of laughter is that is free and has no known negative side effects.

 Thus, laughter is definitely the best medicine available and the biggest tool gifted by God to distress oneself.

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