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Curative and Prevention Tips » Remedies for body odor

The apocrine glands in the body produce sweat. There are number of reasons for body odor like excessive sweating, infections and toxins production in the body.

Remedies to prevent odor:

  • Use tissue papers or wipes to wash the odor.

  • Wear fresh clothes regularly and during summer cotton clothes.

  • Wash hands frequently.

  • Wear clean shoes with good leather quality and change socks regularly.

  • Maintain body dry by applying the talcum powder and aviod deodorants.

  • Use an antibacterial soap for bath.

  • Use antiperspirants after shower.

  • Avoid tobacco and drinking alcohol.

  • Drink lot of water to eliminate toxins and avoid excess drinking of coffee and tea.

  • Eat healthy diet such as leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, sprouts, soy etc.

  • Avoid or minimize usage of spicy foods like garlic, hot peppers, onions etc. ans strictly stop junk food or processed foods which cut shot toxins level.

Home Remedies:

  • Take wheat grass daily on empty stomach, control body odor.

  • Apply baking soda to the armpits, helps in reduce the body odor.

  • Use mixture of alcohol and white vinegar to wash the armpits.

  • Rub slices of potato under armpits.

  • Add some drops of rose water in the bath tub before taking bath.

  • Apple cider vinegar reduces the pH of the skin and eradicates armpit odor when used in place of deodorant.

  • Better to take three baths per day in summer.

  • Tea tree is an anti-bacterial herb. Make a deodorant by mixing 2 drops of essential oil and one ounce of water.

  • Apply mixture of 10 drops of the essential oil (clove oil) in 30 ml of water to the affected area.

  • Place few drops of vinegar on a cotton ball and apply to the under arms or the area affected.

  • Apply turnip juice to the armpits or affected area.

  • Drinking a cup of sage tea every day.

  • Apply mixture of tomato juice with fresh sage leaves to the affected area for 10 minutes before washing.

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