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Curative and Prevention Tips » Stress Management

Owing to the hectic lifestyle which each and every person has, stress has become a common factor in modern times. If not dealt with properly, stress can add lot of complications in life. These complications can be both emotional as well as physical ranging from fatigue to even loss of life.
The symptoms of stress are our physical emotional and behavioral reactions to life’s situation.

So, it has become very essential for a person to beat the stress it may be due to personal reasons or due to professional reasons.

Below are provided few of the tips to beat the stress:

• Take a deep breath or two and count up to 10.This almost instantly helps relax by providing oxygen to the body system.
• Take the time and recognize the good things in your life.
• Try to neglect the negativities of any situation and always be optimistic.
• Knowing yourself and your limits may be the most important way to manage stress effectively. Try to say “no” to things which you can’t do.
• Avoid blaming yourself. 
• Try to take help when you really need one.
• Get proper sleep and rest.
• Eat healthily.
• Listening to ones favorite music is a common way to distress oneself.
• Exercise, participate in a sport or engage in fun activity.
• Plan out your time prioritize.
• Talk to someone, whom you trust, about your problems. Don’t hold it.
• Get a massage. It helps a lot in distressing one self.
• Take a nap.
• Take a warm bath.
• Read a book or watch TV.

To avoid stress at workplace,

• Pay attention to your natural rhythm to determine when you tend to perform optimally and then schedule your more difficult task according to that.
• Try to set up your day so that you shift back and forth between pleasant and more difficult task.
• After something tough, make an effort to schedule something which you enjoy.
• Take advantages of your coffee breaks and lunches to distress yourself.

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