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Curative and Prevention Tips » Tips for Healthy Long Life

Start your day with exercise or yoga or meditation for an hour keeps you active and optimist through out the day.

A healthy diet rich in fiber and antioxidants such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products should be included. One should go for 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day to keep longevity. Replace red meat with sea foods, fish and chicken which improves cardio vascular system.

Avoid carbonated soft drinks and junk food-instead have natural fruit juices, tender coconut water and home cooked food.

Drink four liters of water per day and have a high calories breakfast besides moderate lunch and light meal in dinner which keeps your body healthy.


Salt rich and salt free diet is not suggestible because it disturb blood pressure levels, so try to restrict its daily intake around 6 grams.

Maintain proper sleeping habits about 6-8 hours help to keep longevity and where as in children it can be extended to 10 hours of sleep.

Having healthy weight keep you away from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and increase longevity.

Manage stress levels by playing with kids and sparing time to collect coins, stamps, articles etc.

Maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels on the lower side helps to decrease the strain on the heart.

Stop smoking, it keeps you away from cancer and minimize alcohol intake on daily basis, it helps to maintain normal blood pressure rates.

Go for regular health check ups before there is a serious condition.

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