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Curative and Prevention Tips » Tips to control Bad Breath

Halitosis commonly called as bad breath refers to unpleasant odors exhaled during breathing; the smell may be due to bacteria in mouth. Next to tooth decay and periodontal disease, halitosis is the reason for seeking dental opinion. Millions of people around the world suffer from this common health problem.

Here are some simple steps to get rid of bad breath:

• Use a tongue scraper or tooth brush to remove the bacteria from the tongue which is the major cause of bad breath.

• Always chew sugar free cinnamon gum; it can control bad breath as it contains an ingredient that decreases the bacteria in your mouth. The cinnamon gum has to be sugarless since sugar based gums are bad for your teeth.


• Drink plenty of water which inhibits the build up of bacteria in your mouth which causes bad breath. Drinking more water will lower the amount of these bacteria.

• Floss your teeth regularly to remove all the food particles from your mouth since they are one of the causes of bad breath.

• Foods containing garlic, onions or strong spices will give a strong smell, sugary items like juices and coffee tend to leave a residue on your teeth. The sugary food can cause teeth cavities that can be infected by bacteria causing bad breath. 

• Use a tooth pick to remove the particles which got struck tightly in between the gums and teeth to avoid bad breath.

• Use mouthwash that contains hydrogen peroxide and avoid those with alcohol since they may increase your halitosis in the long run.

• Visit your dentist regularly to find cavities and other fissures in the teeth in which bacteria may grow causing bad breath.

• Drink green tea will help you to get rid of your bad breath. So drink a cup of green tea everyday.

• Baking soda helps to control your bad breath. Mix baking soda and one cup of warm water, use this mixture to gargle for about 30 minutes.
• Eating yogurt can also control bad breath, as yoghurt has bacteria that can destroy bad breath causing bacteria.

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