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Curative and Prevention Tips » Tips to prevent Heart Diseases

In every corner of the world, statistics have shown the heart diseases (cardiovascular disease) to be the major cause of death. The mentioning of the term cardiovascular disease often leads to the imagination of a deadly silent killer in the form of stroke, coronary heart disease or diabetes.

General prevention tips:

High blood pressure and high cholesterol levels are major risk factors associated with the diseases associated with the heart. Getting these risk factors under control helps in the prevention of the heart associated diseases. These risk factors can be controlled by:

• Regular exercise.

• Control diabetes and high blood pressure.

• Quit smoking.

• Limit carbohydrate intake, sugar or any sugar food including white flour.

• Maintain a balanced diet with 30% of calories from monosaturated fat such as olive oil, canola, fish, nuts and limit saturated fats.

• Cut down the dietary cholesterol consumption to bring down the blood cholesterol levels. Egg white and food from plants sources don’t have cholesterol.

• Always read food labels before buying. Look for the amount of saturated fat, total fat, cholesterol level, total calories per serving.

• Stress can be harmful by raising blood pressure, blood cholesterol, and making the heart beat faster. Relax, smile, and don’t get angry often. If necessary go for the laughter therapy.

• Stay slim and lean. Control obesity.

• If overweight try to reduce the fat by control exercise and maintaining a good balanced diet.

• Drink alcohol and beverages in moderation. A limit of two drinks per day is good for heart.

• Try to incorporate higher activity level into daily activities like walking, riding a bicycle, climbing staircase instead of using the elevators, playing outdoor games like football, cricket, etc.

• Always go for regular check-ups and screening to maintain a healthy heart and reduce the heart related risks.

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