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Curative and Prevention Tips » Varicose Veins: The Non-Surgical Treatment

The unlucky sufferers of varicose veins know very well that besides being a cosmetic problem, they can also contribute to swollen, tired legs and muscle cramps.

Some people suffer from varicose veins because they've inherited structural problems with the valves in the upper parts of their legs. Other people may have leaky valves because their veins are just too weak to withstand the pressure of backward flowing blood.

Apart from surgery, there are a few dietary measures you can take to help reduce varicose veins.

• Losing weight in case of overweight
• Include more fiber in the diet to help to reduce pressure in the veins
• Consider taking nutritional supplements which focus on helping to reduce blood clots and improve or maintain the structure of your veins

Vitamin C : Veins that have strong walls can resist more pressure without dilating and this allows your veins valves to work better. Keeping your veins strong is a step you can take in either preventing varicose veins or keeping them from getting worse. Vitamin C aids the production of collagen and both collagen and elastin are used to repair and maintain veins and to keep them strong and flexible.

Vitamin E: Varicose veins lead to the potential complication of blood clots. Vitamin E can help reduce sticky platelets which adhere to the sides of blood vessels walls which lead to this blood clotting.

Copper: Copper is used to knit together collagen and elastin in the same way vitamin C does. Copper is found in whole grains, nuts and seeds, lean red meat and shellfish.

Other tips:
• Avoid too much salt. It can cause your legs to swell and aggravate already damaged veins.
• Avoid constipation by eating plenty of fiber rich foods.
• Eat fresh berries. Bioflavonoids found in berries are thought to reduce capillary fragility which can reduce the appearance of spider veins on the skin.

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