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Curative and Prevention Tips » Water Borne Diseases

Water-borne diseases are infectious diseases spread primarily through contaminated water and are due to improper management of water resources. Though these diseases are spread directly or through flies and filth, water is the chief medium for spread of these diseases.

A large number of chemicals that either exist naturally in the land or are added due to human activity dissolve in the water, thereby contaminating it and leading to various diseases.
• Pesticides: The pesticides present in water can cause cancer and damage nervous system and can also cause reproductive and endocrinal damage.

• Lead: It accumulates in the body and affects the central nervous system. It possesses maximum risk to children and pregnant women.

• Fluorides: Excess fluoride can cause yellowing of the teeth and damage to the spinal cord.

• Nitrates: The presence of nitrates in water can prove fatal especially to the infants and can also cause digestive tract cancer.

• Petrochemicals: Benzene and other petrochemicals can cause cancer even at low exposure levels.

• Chlorinated solvents: It can cause reproductive disorders and also some cancers.

• Arsenic: arsenic poisoning through water can cause liver and nervous system damage, vascular diseases and also skin cancer.

• Heavy metals: The presence of heavy metals in water can cause damage to the nervous system and the kidney and other metabolic disruptions.

• Salts: It makes the fresh water unusable for drinking and irrigation purposes. 

Exposure to polluted water can cause diarrhea, skin irritation, respiratory problems and other diseases depending on the pollutant that is in the water. Apart from the pollutants, there are various microorganisms present in the water that can cause infections in the human body leading to various diseases.


Water-Borne Diseases

Bacterial Infections



Paratyphoid fever,

Bacillary Dysentery 

Viral infections

Infectious Hepatitis (Jaundice),


Protozoal infections


Amoebic Dysentery.

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