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Curative and Prevention Tips » Ways to Prevent from Heatstroke during Summer

Hot summer days are inevitable. People would sometimes feel very weak and sick due to the exposure to too much heat. Heatstroke is considered to be the most serious of the heat disorders. It can be even fatal.

Heat stroke can occur without warning and can be associated with nausea and vomiting, fatigue, headaches, decreased sweat, decreased urination and confusion. An increase in heart rate can also be noticed. There is shortness of breath, loss of consciousness and possible blood in urine.

Below are some of the instructions that can be followed to prevent heatstroke:

• Limit the time spent outdoors to early morning and late evening.

• Drink lots of water and always keep yourself hydrated. Drink water even not thirsty.

• Avoid overly sugary drinks. These beverages can result in the loss of more body fluids.

• Also, pay attention to the temperature of the drinks since very cool drinks can cause heat cramps in the stomach.

• Stay inside as much as possible during the hot days.

• Dress appropriately. Wear loose-fitting, well-ventilated, thin clothing in light colors.

• Avoid dark colors as they absorb the sun and can raise the body temperature.

• While working in extremely hot weather, take frequent breaks in shade, hydrate yourself and wear a sun visor or hat that provides good protection.

• Take frequent cool shower or bath to get the body temperature down.

• Limit food intake to small meals and drink lots of water.

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