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Curative and Prevention Tips » Ways to Slow Down the Aging Process

Aging is a constant process that involves growth and development of the living organism. It is a predictable process which cannot be prevented. However, some effects of aging can be slowed down and even prevented to some extent.

Lifestyle strongly determines how well we age. The 5 simple strategies that can be used immediately to help slow down the aging process in their body include:

Eat less: Reducing the overall food intake can reduce the stress being placed in the digestive system. However, it is important that you don’t restrict your nutrition intake.

Reduce the free radical load in your body: Reducing the impact the free radical has on the body means better functioning of the body. This leads to more energy, good health and reduce risk to the diseases. This can be done easily by consuming antioxidants rich foods.

Perform aerobic exercise almost every day:The benefits of aerobic exercise range from assisting weight loss and improving overall body functioning and general health to improved feelings of well being and better mental health.

Perform a regular resistance exercise program: Resistance exercise is perhaps the best form of exercise to perform in order to improve your overall health and well being.  

Rest, relax and engage in pleasurable activities often: In today's fast-paced society, when the importance of rest, relaxation and having fun is severely under-rated, it is very essential that we take 'time out' on a regular basis in order to recuperate both physically and mentally and to ensure that we enjoy life without letting it simply pass us by.

The “7 Mantras” for a long healthy life include:

  i. 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.
  ii. Weight Control
  iii. Exercise
  iv. Limited Alcohol Consumption
  v. Not Smoking
  vi. Eating Breakfast
  vii. Seldom Snacking.

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