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Curative and Prevention Tips » Working Out in Summer Heat: Tips to Stay Safe

Exercising in heat after a long winter can be tough on the body. Exercising outside in summer heat can be dangerous as well as fatal for one’s health. Due to high temperature and humidity during summer, we run at the risk of
                          • Dehydration
                          • Fainting
                          • Heat stroke
                          • Sun burn and
                          • Heat rash
On the arrival of summer our body needs time to adapt to exercising in hot and humid environment.

• Drink plenty of Water - Keeping oneself hydrated is more crucial during the hot summer months. Failing to keep one hydrated may result in circulatory failure.

• Fueling the workout - If you plan to workout for a longer duration, be sure to keep some carbohydrates aside.

• Ease into summer exercise - Give your body to adapt to the heat by

- Allowing extra warm up time for your body so that it is full adapted to the heat conditions

- Shortening your workouts.

- Listening to your body. If your body feels week and dizzy, stop the exercise, go to cool place and drink plenty of fluids.

• Exercise in the morning will prevent you from the risk of dehydration and heat illness and will save you with more energy for the rest of the day.

• Protect yourself with sunglasses and sunscreen.

• Wear sweat wicking clothes while exercising. This will give you a comfortable feeling.

Finally, if the outside conditions are very dangerous, avoid exercising outdoors.

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