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Eye Care » Carrots for Clear Vision

The carrot contains about 490 phytochemical and is thus rightly called as poor man's ginseng. They are rich in Beta-carotene an antioxidants, which helps the immune system to tackle cancer cell. It protects the cell from free radicals and prevents oxidation of fat. The carrot is a rich source of Vitamin A, calcium, potassium, vitamin B and C.

Health benefits of Carrots:

• They are best source of Vitamin A which is needed for the formation of rhodopsin in eye.

• Vitamin A in carrots helps to cure coughing and high blood pressure.

• Eating carrots or drinking carrot juice everyday results in radiant skin.

• Carrot is a rich source of calcium which is needed for vasoconstriction. 

• Carrot contains potassium that enhances normal heartbeat.

• Carrot is a rich source of Vitamin B that enhances metabolism.

• Carrot contains Vitamin C that helps to strengthen blood vessel and protects cells from free radicals.

• The beta carotene in carrots will stop heart disease and macular degeneration.

• Alpha carotene decreases the risk of Lung cancer.

• Fresh carrot juice can provide instant energy to the body.

• Carrot soup has been used to treat diarrhea. It inhibits the bacterial growth.

• Carrots have carotenoids that help to reduce blood sugar level by decreasing the insulin resistance.

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