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Eye Care » Precautions for Contact Lens Users

Contact lenses are small visual devices made with curved pieces of plastics shaped in a way to conform directly to the wearer’s eye. They are used to correct vision problems like myopia and hypermetropia, and can also be used for therapeutic and cosmetic reasons.

Below are the important precautions and tips for a contact lens wearer:

• Frequent changes in brands of the contact lenses should be avoided. If required, the concerned eye care professional should be consulted before switching the brand.

• Do take into account factors other than price, like quality, suitability and guarantee, when choosing the contact lens.

• Don’t use the lens beyond the recommended period incase of disposable contact lenses. Replace the contact lens in time to avoid any harm.

• Also don’t use an old prescription to buy a new use contact lens.

• Do use contact lenses when necessary even if you use glasses regularly.

• Don’t try to modify the contact lens in any manner. It may lead to severe eye infections. Contact lenses are best left as they come.

• Clean, rinse and disinfect lens daily and each time they are removed from eye.

• Avoid all harmful, irritating vapors and fumes while wearing lenses.

• Handle the lens with care, always washing, rinsing and drying the hands thoroughly first.

• Remove the lens before going to sleep.

• Don’t use fingernails, tweezers, or other tools to remove the lens (es) from the lens container. Pour the lens into the hand.

• Don’t wear the lens when using eye drops or other eye medication unless directed by the practitioner.

• Don’t use any other liquid other than the recommended solution for lubricating or wetting the lenses.

• Don’t neglect any discomfort caused by contact lenses.

• Do consult the eye care professional in case you are not satisfied with the contact lens.

• Don’t share contact lens with anyone. They are meant to be used by a single person. It is unhygienic and there is a danger of transfer of infections.

• Teenagers can be allowed to use contact lens if they want to. There is no harm in using them if proper care is taken.

• Do read the manufacturers instructions carefully and thoroughly and take proper care of the contact lens.

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