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Eye Care » Remedy for Under Eye Dark circles

Lack of proper sleep, exposure to hot Sun and some allergies are responsible for the formation of under eye circles. This makes the eyes to look tired and puffy. The following are some of the tips to lighten the skin under eye area.

Sleep: This plays a vital role in beauty, eight hour sleep is good for health and skin.

Alcohol: Say no to alcohol as it dilates the blood vessels under the skin, which can cause under-eye circles to become even more prominent.

Keep a pillow: Lifting the head while sleeping can help to keep fluid from collecting under your eyes which leads to dark circles.

Vitamins: Deficiencies of Vitamin B, A or C and lack of antioxidants may result in dark circles. Add proper nutrients to diet; add a multivitamin as daily routine.

Stay cool: Cold compresses helps in reducing dark circles as it reduces swelling beneath the eyes. Apply cucumber juice or green tea bags which revitalize the skin while reducing the puffiness.

Alpha hydroxy acids lotion:  Apply a lotion containing Alpha hydroxy acids as it plump up the thin skin beneath the eyes and activate the blood vessels that create the dark circles.

Sunscreen: Exposure to sun may increase the melanin and darken the skin which leads to dark circles, apply a sunscreen which has SPF around the eyes and cover the eyes with sunglasses.

Make up: Mask the dark circles with make up if other treatment doesn’t help, use a concealer to lighten the skin shade.

Visit a clinic: A doctor would help in providing intensive treatment to help dark circles through chemical peels, laser treatments or injectable fillers like Restylane.

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