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Hair Care » Hair Dryer - Effects and Side Effects

Every woman desires to have soft and beautiful hair. Hair dryers are probably the favorite of customers among the hair devices available in the market today. There are many choices available in the market to prove this. The hair dryers come in variety of sizes and forms to suite the requirement of the customer.Many own a hair dryer because of its several advantages.

• It dries hair faster as compared to using hand towel.

• It leaves hair smooth and shiny giving it a healthy glow.

• It is handy and the user can have a control over it while using.

• It allows managing and styling the hair easily. The technique to having a well managed hair is having a good hair dryer.

However, many of the people use hair dryers without knowing it is good or bad. This leads to the mismanagement of their hairs. The following information provides good deal of idea about various kinds of blow hair dryers that are being used at home.

• Heat is the main enemy of hair. It can damage both shaft and root of hair in a significant manner. If the blow dryers are operated without adjustment of control settings, there are chances that temperature might cross boiling point of water causing great damage to hair due to many reasons such as loss of rich moisture that are present in hair.

• There is a chance of fire erupting in any kind of hair dryers that comes with plug with more risks when they are kept unused for long period of time. The power setting of hair should vary according to the hair type and the dryer should provide safe and appropriate usage for people. Thick or wavy hair can be operated at higher power in the range of 1800 W since they have good resistance to heat when compared to fine or damaged hair. For fine or damaged hair, power setting of 1300 W is most appropriate.

A good quality hair dryer should provide features such as automatic shut down upon reaching cut off temperature, presence of 3 levels of heat settings to achieve best temperature range, removable filter that can be cleaned in an easy manner, cold blow option to style, curl and produce wavy patterns without affecting moisturizers that are present.

Selection of hair dryers with appropriate specifications and options will certainly offer more benefits, overcome all disadvantages and provide minimum side effects.

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