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Hair Care » Hair Extensions Precautions

Nowadays, all women wants to look beautiful and desire to have a long and healthy hair but everyone is not as lucky, so if you quickly wants to add length to your hair, maybe wish for little volume or simply need a break from your smart bob hair, extensions is the best solution. You can also hide bad hair cut just by fixing some hair extensions. Extensions can either be made from synthetic fibres or natural human hair. However to ensure their longevity, you have to take care of them and have to treat them gently with love and care.

Here we are discussing how to take care of hair extension, so that you can enjoy pleasure of having long hair for long time.

• Do not go for extensions that are more than twice the length of your natural hair, It is necessary to wash extension made of human hair at least twice a week whereas synthetic extensions can be washed once a week, If you don’t wash them your hair become greasy ,moreover dirt and sweat build up can entangle hair.

• Wet your hair little by little to prevent dry hair from swelling and getting entangled and try to remove all tangles and knots from hair with the help of comb before shampooing.

• Do not pile up all the hair on top of the head and scrub. Gently massage the shampoo into the extensions and rinse completely. Use alcohol free conditioners as alcohol tends to dry hair.

• Do not rub hair vigorously to dry it as it will be very bad for your wet extensions. Let your extension air dry. Do not comb also when they are wet as wet extensions leads to breakage.

• Before going to bed, ensure that wet hair extensions are completely dried up and tied them up in loose ponytail.

• Comb hair at least once or thrice a day, First try to remove tangles and knots from hair with fingers and then with wide toothed comb.

• Avoid exposing your extensions to chlorine and other chemicals while swimming as chemicals can damage them.

• Be gentle and do not pull and tug at hair while combing in a downward direction as extensions are more brittle and fragile than your natural hair.

• Hydrate your extensions by regularly applying moisturizer to give them natural look.

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