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Hair Care » How to Stop Hair Breakage?

Hair breaks when certain points in it thicken or weaken. This can take place near the scalp which prevents the growth of long hair.

Hair breakage is a widespread problem. However, the best news about hair breakage is that it can be prevented. It is always easy to prevent hair breakage once the problem is recognized.

Some of the familiar causes of hair breakage are:

• Skin diseases.
• Hormonal imbalance.
• Lack of male hormone testosterone.
• Friction in the hair triggered by tight hair bands, wigs or hats or wearing tight ponytails, buns.
• Unexpected, severe emotional stress.
• Hereditary reasons.
• Aging can also be a major cause of hair breakage.
• Hair styling mistakes: relaxing too often, coloring and relaxing weak hair, using too many heat styling tools, brushing hair when it’s wet, bleaching, highlighting, permanent waving, rapid blow drying, not cutting split ends, etc.

The following tips can be followed to prevent the breakage of hair:

• Use a good shampoo with vitamins and minerals that provide strengths to the hair.
• Consume diets rich in vitamins and minerals. Especially include vitamin E in the diet.
• Do not tie your hair all the time or wear a hat all the time. Keep the hair free for some time.
• Reduce the use of blow dyer and harsh chemicals. Avoid exposing the hair to excess heat.
• Don’t wash the hair too much. Excessive washing dries the hair. Wash the twice or thrice a week.
• Massage the scalp properly to stimulate the hair flow.
• Use a hair brush with soft bristles and a wide toothed comb to prevent damage to the hair.
• Sleep on a satin cap or on a satin pillow case.
• Comb the hair at least once daily.

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