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Hair Care » Protect Hair from Split Ends

Having well maintained healthy hair is the fantasy every people develop. Not all people are born with soft, shiny, silky and lustrous hair. Moreover, the modern lifestyle changes, environmental changes add to the damage of the hair. Apart from hair fall and gray hair, split ends of the hair are the most common problem.

There are lots of hair care products available in the market which provide total guarantee of preventing the split ends. But most of these products contain harmful chemicals especially the silicones which of mending the damage, add to its damage.

Therefore, prevention is the best method to get rid of the hair breakage and the split ends. Some of the hair prevention tips are:

• Keep hair confined (braided or bunned) as much as possible, especially during the night.

• Sleep on a satin pillowcase as much as possible to minimize friction.

• Keep hair moisturized for extra slip.

• Don’t brush the hair too much, and be sure to use brushes and combs with smooth, wide-set teeth; avoid nylon bristles.

• Never comb the hair when they are wet.

• Use a wide toothed comb or your fingers to gentle detangle the hair. Detangle them from the ends up. One section at a time.

• Wash your hair carefully, without pilling it up atop on the head.

• Use a mild shampoo and protect your hair from over drying.

• Prevent damage to the hair by avoiding blow drying, chemical dyes, curling or straightening.

To get rid of split hairs, trim the hair instantly. Sniping out split ends individually is ideal for those trying to grow out the hair, as it causes no loss of overall length. As you develop a gentle hair care routine, split ends will soon begin to disappear gradually.

Everyone can have great hair, even those of us not naturally blessed with a thick, lustrous, soft to touch hair. The secret lies in combining the right maintenance regime and using products that truly work and are not all hyped up through advertisements.

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