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Many people are trying to figure out the remedy for gray hair. Before figuring out the remedies for the gray hair, it is important to know the cause of gray hair. Hair color is the result of pigmentation due to the chemicals eumelanin and phaeomelanin.  Eumelanin makes hair darker and phaeomelanin makes hair lighter.

A change in hair color occurs naturally as people age, usually turning their hair to gray and then white. However, there have been increasing cases of premature gray hair i.e., the hair turns gray before their old age. Nowadays even the teenagers are facing the gray hair problem.

Graying of hair may be due to several factors:

• Hereditary factors: If there is a family history of having gray hairs.

• Environmental factors:  Smoking or air pollution can lead to gray hair problems.

• Dietary factors: Lack of Vitamin B12 or Omega 3 may lead to the graying of the hair.

Here are some of the natural ways to regain your lost hair color:

• Increase your dietary intake of vitamin B12 and Vitamin A.

• Start eating dark green vegetables and the yellow fruits, bananas, tomatoes, yoghurt and the wheat germ.

• Increase the intake of zinc (found in red meat, chicken and green vegetables), iron (found in eggs, sunflower seeds and the apricots) and copper (found in cashews, almonds, egg yolk and the whole grains).

• As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons of gray hair is the lack of vitamin B12 and Omega 3 in your body. Therefore, it is best suggested that you should increase their dietary consumption.

• If the gray hair is due to the hereditary reasons, it is best to use a very good quality shampoo to help protect your hair color.

• And at last but not the least, you can always dye your hair with a good quality hair dye. Dye will gradually change your hair color over time. One of the best natural dyes with no known harmful effects is henna or mehandi (Lawsonia inermis). 

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