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Hair Care » Solution for split hair ends

Split ends make the hair dull and brittle giving an awful look. Though there are many hair care products that claim to repair spilt ends, the only effective way is to trim them off. Split hair ends can be prevented by following good hair care techniques. Here are few tips to get rid of these split ends.

Strengthen your hair: Nourish your hair with a healthy diet. Have a check on what you eat. A well balanced diet rich in vitamins, proteins and essential oils is an ideal way to keep the hair healthy.

Hydrate hair
: Dehydrated hair is weak, brittle and breaks easily. Hydrate your hair with oils and conditioners. There are many natural extracts like coconut milk, aloe vera, milk proteins etc which not only hydrate your hair but also fix split ends. Drink plenty of water.

Avoid frequent shampooing
: Limit your hair wash to 2-3 times a week. Avoid shampoo treatment everyday. Frequent shampooing washes out scalp oil, leaving the hair dry. Use an optimal amount of shampoo. After shampooing, treat with a conditioner, especially the tip of the hair.

Protect from heat styling: Hair becomes dull and brittle if frequently exposed to heat during ironing, blow drying etc. Apply a leave on serum to provide extra protection. Protect your hair from direct sun by using an umbrella or cap.

Adopt right brushing techniques
: If hair is wet avoid brushing it or use a wide toothed comb for brushing. Always start combing from the end, and work towards up. This will prevent hair from breaking. Tie your hair into a bun or plaited before going to bed.

Hair care treatments
: Find a good hairdresser and get advice on hair repair treatments that are available. Get your hair trimmed atleast once in six weeks. Avoid frequent coloring and using harmful chemicals to style up. Opt for natural treatments using henna, herbal powders etc. Consult a professional hair stylist, to check on what type of products suit you best.

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