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Hair Care » Tips to Protect the Colored Hair from Fading

Whether you color your hair at home or in a salon, coloring hair is always expensive. Colored hair requires some basic steps to prevent from discoloration and harm.

Some of the basic instructions to maintain the colored hair are as follows:

• Limit the amount you wash your hair. Washing hair every two or three days. This keeps the hair color fresh, it is better for the overall hair and scalp health. If at all you need wash every day, consider alternating dry shampoo with regular shampoo.

• Use a mild shampoo, and if feasible, one especially designed for colored hair. Choose the best affordable option.

• Use a conditioner specially designed for the colored hair.

• If the hair color fades quickly, or loses its red or gold sheen, try color-depositing shampoos or color-restoring rinses.

• Colored hair need special protection from the sun especially the UV rays of the sun. Where possible, cover up with hat or scarf. If that is not possible, use hair products and treatments with UVA protection built in.

• Drink plenty of water to keep the hair hydrated always.

• Dry air and humidity can also damage the hair. Protect the hair from drying.

• After swimming in the pool or the sea (it’s a good tip to wet hair before the pool as it reduces the effect the chlorine has), shampooing the hair twice will remove any build-up and residue on the hair and will protect colored hair from damage and discoloration.

• Summer breezes have the same effect as hairdryers so replenishing the hair's moisture with long lasting leave-in conditioners will stop your hair from drying out.


- Never wash your hair right after coloring. Wait for at least 24 hours or even more to allow the color to settle down properly.
- In general, anything (dryness, chlorine, salt water, etc.) is bad for the hair color. So continue to use any moisturizing treatments, and wear a cap when swimming.

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