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Are you party crazy, partied all night? You got tempted to take an extra glass of drink, ended up over drunk. You will hardly think of a hangover until the next morning. The symptoms of a hangover include tiredness, headache, dizziness, confusion, red eyes, nauseous, vomiting etc. You realize you got to go for work. Here are few tips to survive the day.

Take an antacid
:  Take an antacid to overcome stomach burns and gastric discomforts.

Fluid intake: Drink plenty of water first thing in the morning. This will rehydrate your body.
Coffee: Coffee constricts the blood vessels and relieves headache.

Ginger /lime tea: Choose to drink an herbal tea with ginger and lime extracts. This will reduce nausea, stomach upset and controls vomiting.

Sleep long: Do not force your eyes to open. Try to sleep as much as you can. This will relieve your headache, dizziness and tiredness.

Eat banana: Banana refills you with sugars, minerals and energy that were lost.

Have a burnt toast: Burnt bread can absorb the toxins in the stomach, relieves bloating.

Exercise: Though your body is too tired for a work out, your brain needs it. Exercise increases the oxygen supply to the brain.

Freshen up:  Take a shower and wash of the odor and stinks of cigarettes and drinks. This will refresh your whole body and lightens your head.

Light breakfast: An egg, a glass of tomato juice and a whole grain with vegetables broth will be a perfect breakfast. This removes toxins from body, supplies the lost vitamins and minerals and energizes the body.

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