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Man is a social animal; it is evident from the beginning of the human civilization that we do maintain a group and gathering life. However one cannot stay away from loneliness and its various health hazards as depicted by a recent study done by the University of Chicago.

A good state of a person mostly depends on a balanced state of mind as psychological study suggests that a stressful mind leads to great amount of change in the biological cycle of the person, which later leads towards ‘health erosion’.

Friendship is like food which we all need for our survival. Evidences have shown that when our social needs are not met, we fall apart mentally as well as physically. It affects the brain as well as the body.

Being lonely leads to the release of excess amount of the stress hormones, which eventually leads to the eroding activity on multiple organ systems of our body. Over a time line these take a serious toll on our health, eroding our arteries, creating high blood pressure, and even undermining learning and memory.

Here are few of the health risks which loneliness possesses:

• Living alone increases the risk of suicide among young and the adult alike.

• Loneliness leads to the increment in the stress of the individual. He feels this stress even when he is relaxed or in a gathering.

• Loneliness increases the levels of circulatory stress hormones and levels of blood pressure.

• It undermines regulation of the circulatory system so that heart muscles work harder and blood vessels are subject to damage by blood flow turbulence.

• Loneliness destroys the quality and the efficiency of the sleep.  They usually suffer from the insomnia problem.

• According to a study, women with advanced breast cancer live twice when they join a social, support group.

• According to the researches, having close friends helps keep your immune system strong during the time of stress.

The upshot is that we function best when we are in a social gathering and amidst our friends. It is easier to stay motivated and to meet the various challenges of life.

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