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Smoking has deadly effect on the health. Cigarettes contain toxic chemicals that affect all the vital organs of the body. It is not easy to quit smoking once you are addicted to it. It takes a lot of will power to break this unhealthy habit. This article is a warning to all who smoke and its time to quit it right away.

Cancer: Smoking is associated with cancers in lungs, mouth, tongue, lips, stomach, digestive tract, kidneys and livers.

Diabetes: Smokers are prone to type 1 diabetes or insulin dependant diabetes. Smoking accelerates the blood sugar level.

Blood circulation: Oxygen in blood is replaced with plaque and this may lead to blood clots and stokes, back pain, vision impairment etc. Insufficient blood circulation to legs and hands lead to severe pain and amputations in majority of cases.

Microbes enter easily into the body due to the damage of the respiratory tract lining. This in turns weakens the immune system.

Aging: Smokers have a prematurely aged look. Skin appears wrinkled, saggy, hard and dry.

Hearing and breathing problems: Smoking is directly related to hearing and breathing problems. This is due to infections and decreased blood flow to the ears.

Other long term effects associated with smoking are osteoporosis and early menopause in women, complications in pregnancy, impotency in males, increased risk of rheumatoid arthritis, heart diseases etc.

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