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When it comes to healthcare, men are least bothered about their own health when compared to women. On the topics related to self healthcare, they behave like ostrich who bury their head in the sand. When compared to women, they are less likely to visit their doctors regularly, take symptoms seriously and live a healthful lifestyle. Probably, may be because of this very reason, the women have a seven year average survival advantage on men.

Therefore it is necessary for men of all ages to become cautious and active about their health. The following steps are recommended to every man for maintaining their health and vitality:

• Eliminate “white foods” from the diet- “White Foods” include white flour, white sugar and other processed foods that are not only devoid of vitamins and minerals, but they have also been stripped of their natural fibers.

• Stay away from dangerous trans fat- Keeping a watch on the types of fat consumed is as much important as the reduction of one’s overall fat intake. Deep-fried foods and anything made of hydrogenated oils (margarine, peanut butter, pastries and cookies) contain trans fat and should be avoided because they increase the risk of heart disease. Instead consume healthy fats which include olive oil and the omega-3 oils found in salmon and other cold water fish, which protect against heart disease.

• Include weight training in your exercise routine and maintain your optimal weight.

• Drink alcohol only in moderation. While one or two drinks a day are protective against diseases, excessive alcohol consumption is devastating for your health.

• Reduce the risk of prostate cancer by maintaining healthy lifestyle choices. Avoid saturated and trans fats, which may fuel prostate cancer growth, and incorporate protective foods, such as soy, green tea and tomatoes, into your diet.
• Maintain close relationships. Make a point to strengthen your ties with your family and friends. Volunteer work, religious ties, even pets–anything that keeps you involved with others–reduces stress and enhances health.

It is extremely important for men to take charge of their health. The rewarding of optimal health and well being will be well worth the efforts.

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