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All of us have some or the other bad habits like nail biting, tooth picking in public, knuckle cracking etc, which cannot be quit very easily. We do not realize that some of these bad habits may cause damage to our body. Here are few unhealthy habits that need to be checked before it leads to major health problems.

Lack of sleep:

Brain takes rest while sleeping. Sleeplessness may cause serious repairs to the brain due to stress. Lack of sleep makes you tired all through the day.

Skipping breakfast:

 A well balanced breakfast, gives you the right energy to start the day. Skipping breakfast may lower the blood sugar level. This leads to less nutrient supply to the brain. Some people experience low pressure.

Too much of Caffeine/soda intake:

These drinks give temporary refreshment. But they kill appetite; increase the sugar levels and empty calories in the body. Replace these drinks with water, flavored milk, juices etc.

Hurried eating:

Grabbing food too quickly may lead to poor digestion. Take time to chew the food particles before swallowing it. Eating slowly will help you to heed to your body’s signal when it is full.


 If you are in trouble find a solution or seek help instead of worrying over it. Worrying over a problem does not solve it. It only leads to stress and depression.

Skipping exercise:

 An exercise helps to reduce stress and energize the body. If you have no time for a workout, a brisk walk or jog is all that is needed.


Smoking is associated with many health problems. Smoking is a slow killing poison.
It causes damage to brain tissues and the respiratory system. Quit smoking immediately.

Unhealthy diet:

Food that we choose to eat plays a very important role in keeping our body fit and healthy. Avoid junk foods and replace them with nutritious diet.

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