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Natural and Home Remedies » Almond oil benefits

Almond oil has been now-a-days highly recommended for skin care. Almond has 54% oil. This oil is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid (78%), which has omega-9 fat and omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid. Almond oil is used to give massage helps in soothing the body. It is used instead of olive oil since it is mild and lightweight oil.

Almond oil is very light and when applied to the skin it prevents skin damage caused due to drying of skin. It is a very good oil to prevent premature aging or dryness of sensitive skin. It is rich in vitamins A and E, it can be used in any skill types.

Beauty benefits of Almond oil:

• It is used in aromatherapy skin care as a skin softner.

• It gives you a smooth skin.

• Almond oil is a rich source of vitamins B1, A, B6, B2 and vitamin E, this combination is very good for all skin types.

• This is a non greasy oil. It is absorbed by your skin quickly and does not show its presence.

• It helps to removes dead cells from the skin.

• It helps to rejuvenate and decongests skin.

• It gives a glow to the face and enhances the complexion.

• It helps to decrease wrinkle formation in skin.

• It is good cure for blackheads.

• Helps to decrease irritation and inflammation of skin.

• It is good remedy for under eye dark circles.

• A good remedy for chapped lips and body rashes

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