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Natural and Home Remedies » Benefits of herbal medicine

Herbal medicine, also known as alternative medicine, is used to prevent and treat different diseases such as cancer, arthritis, digestive problems, liver damage, obesity etc. It can be taken in the form of tablets, extracts, teas, essential oils or ointments. Some of the advantages are-

• Herbal medicines are very cheap when compared to allopathic medicine. This cost effectiveness makes them all the more alluring.

• Herbal medicines can available in all health stores and most of herbs can cultivate at home.

• Where as in some cases herbal medicines are considered to be more effective than allopathic medicines.

• Herbal medicines do not show any side effects, because they are free from chemicals and milder in nature than allopathic medicines.

• The natural detoxification process of the body is effectively enhanced by herbal medicines.

• Herbal medicines can boost the immune system.

• Herbal medicines are best for people who are allergic to various types of drugs.

• Herbal medicines are also effective in boosting the mental health.

• Most of the ailments related to blood circulation like high blood pressure, varicose ulcers, and many others can be controlled through herbal medicine.

• Some herbal medicines are very good in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood stream. They are also used to treat coronary artery diseases.

• Herbal medicine can be used to reduce weight by regulating appetite.

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