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Natural and Home Remedies » Benefits of Peppermint Oil

As we all thought that peppermint  only plays  as an ingredient for flavoured chewing gums,think twice,its not like that,it is beneficial both  cosmetically as well as medically ,it is a hybrid of two plants,water mint and spearmint.Here we are discussing all health benefits  of using peppermint oil:

Immune system - Helps to strengthens immune system and also plays a role in easing mental exhaustion.

Healthy Hair - It gives you a healthy scalp as well as healthy hair,helps to tame frizzy hair.

Helps to remove dandruff - Applying Peppermint oil helps to decrease dandruff from hair and also aids hair growth.

Healthy Skin - Peppermint oil not only helps to brighten tired skin it also helps to reduce oil secretion of the skin

Prevent acne - Helps to open pores of the skin ,thus prevent acne on face and gives clear skin

Good for lips - It helps to heal craked lips,Because of avalibility of menthol in oil we can use it on wind-chapped and sunburnt lips.
Treats Headache - Diluted peppermint oil,when apply on forehead helps to give relief from headache.

Dental Care - It helps to remove bad breathe and helps teeth to fight against germs,In so many toothpaste You can find it,it also helps in treating tooth ache.

Treat upset stomach - It acts a very good treatment in treating problems of indigestion,you can have oil mix with water,helps in reducing gas problem.

Respiratory problem - peppermint oil helps to clear respiratory tract because of presence of menthol in it, provides relief in various respiratory problem like sinusitius, cold, cough, nasalcongestion.

It is always advisable to take diluted peppermint oil, dilution can be done with a carrier oil as undiluted oil is really strong and it can cause various side effects.

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