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Natural and Home Remedies » Dealing with Mosquitoes in a Natural Way

Mosquitoes are one of the most irritating and annoying insects. You are just sitting outdoor and enjoying with friends. Ouch! You look down at your arm and see a painful, swelling mosquito bite. This is an irritating experience. Most of over the counter mosquito repellents are often full of chemicals that are harmful to the human body and some merely don't work. Mosquitoes are the carriers of the disease and sickness.

The best way to deal with mosquitoes is to avoid them by figuring out exactly what are the things that attracts mosquitoes and the things that prevent mosquitoes. As most of them say prevention is better than cure. Make sure that you don't allow mosquitoes to thrive around you.

Here some of the tips you can keep mosquitoes away:

• Mosquitoes attract dark clothing. These annoying insects are able to visualize the dark items better than the lighter objects. So whenever you are going to new places wear light colored clothes.

• Mosquito’s attract perfumes or other products that are flowery and fruity in smell. Try to avoid perfumes in mosquito abundant area. Another thing is mosquitoes also attracted to the smell of perspiration. Certain chemicals in the sweat attract mosquitoes, if you are in a place of insects abundant area or you have been exercising and sweating obviously mosquitoes attract to your body.

• Main thing that attracts mosquitoes is open and stagnant dirty water. Try to clean the surroundings.

• Mosquito repellents are often full of chemicals which will harm to our body. Try to avoid harmful mosquito repellents. Choose natural oils like rosemary, cedar, lemongrass, citronella, castor, peppermint, clove, and geranium oils. Few drops of these oils applied to your body which irritates the mosquito.

• Use mosquito nets and curtains to avoid the severity of mosquitoes. Purchase clothing that is pretreated with an insecticide to use in more high risk areas.

• The dangerous areas for mosquito breeding include flower beds, bird baths, and gutters that have not been cleaned. Proper maintenance makes the mosquitoes away.

• The onset of monsoons usually leads to a surge of breeding among mosquitoes, which co-exists with humans and share the same.

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