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Natural and Home Remedies » Essential oils: How much Essential?

Essential oil is a liquid that is generally distilled (most frequently by stem or water) from the leaves, stems, flowers, bark, roots or other parts of the plants. Essential oils, contrary to the use of the word "oil" are not really oily-feeling at all. They may or may not be colorless.

Essential oil contains the true essence of the plant and is highly concentrated in dilution. Because of this reason, a little essential oil goes the long way.
Essential oils are not the same as perfumes or the fragrance oils. The essential oils are derived from the true plants whereas the perfume oils are artificially created fragrances or contain artificial substances and do not offer the therapeutic benefits that the essential oils offer.

The chemical composition and aroma of essential oils can provide valuable psychological and physical therapeutic benefits. These benefits are usually achieved through methods including inhalation and application of the diluted oil to the skin. Essential oils are often used by diluting them with carrier oil (sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil) and then applying this blend to the skin for absorption. Careful inhalation of the oils can also provide therapeutic benefit as the oil molecules enter the lungs and are absorbed into the bloodstream.

People who are new in aromatherapy might feel confused in looking for appropriate scents to be brought to their home. They might feel confused to differentiate which scents bring which effects. The few essential oils that should be present in our home and are popular for their therapeutic benefits are:

Lavender Oil:

• Helps to heal cut, burns, infections, insect bites and bruises

• Scent has a very soothing effect and adds to the mental peace.

Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus Oil: Provides great relieve from flu, headaches and cold; does wonder incase of clogged up sinuses and helps to remove mucus from the lungs.

Tea Tree Oil:

• Has a strong antimicrobial and disinfectant property.

• Fights cold and heals acne and sun burns.

• Considered to be the safest type of oil to be used by a lot of people.

Roman Chamomile:

• Is anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic in nature.

• Heals and relieves cramps, swellings, burns, muscles sprains and also relieves arthritis.

Rosemary Oil:

• Relieves pain and improves the fluid circulation in our body.

• Also acts as a great natural decongestant.

These essential oils provide some effective aromatherapy that will bring their great support for best solution of natural medication.

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