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Natural and Home Remedies » Healing properties of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich source of Vitamin C and vitamin A; Tomatoes have folate and  an antioxidant called lycopene that prevent damage to cell and help fight against cancer.  They also help to maintain blood sugar levels.

Health benefits of Tomatoes:

• Drinking tomato juice also helps to reduce blood clots.

• Tomatoes are also rich in vitamin K that strengthens bones.

• Tomato helps in reducing high blood pressure as it contains abundant potassium and prevents from coronary heart diseases and stroke.

• Tomato pomace is good to treat gastric disturbances such as heartburn, vomiting and diarrhea.

• Have a tomato in the morning this enhances Vitamin C and flavonoids to strengthen the blood vessels.

• Tomato is good for cleansing and rejuvenating your skin.

• Applying tomato juice or rubbing slices of tomatoes will give you a soft, glossy and smooth skin.

• Buttermilk soaked tomato slices will help from tanning of skin.

• Tomato supplies sulphur that prevents from liver cirrhosis and helps to remove the toxic products from the body.

• Tomatoes have low saturated fat and have no cholesterol.

• Keep Sliced tomatoes on affected area which helps to clear infection or wounds in 3 days.

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