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Natural and Home Remedies » Health Benefits of Mustard & Mustard Oil

Mustard is extremely useful plant as it has both culinary as well as medicinal benefits. Mustard seeds are always used in cooking and so is the mustard oil. Mustard oil is especially used in the Indian sub-continent.

• According to the survey by the American Heart Association, mustard oil is better than olive oil from the health point of view. It is not only good for healthy people but also good for the heart patients. The reason behind the fact is that mustard oil comprises of 12% omega-3 fatty acid as compared to olive oil which has only 0.6% omega-3 fatty acid.

Mustard seed oil has the lowest saturated fat content amongst edible oils. This leads to the low cholesterol level and is thus, the best suited oil for the heart patients.

• While other edible oils lack two/ either of the two essential fatty acids, mustard oil provides both essential fatty acids to the human body- Oleic acid and Linolenic acid.

• Mustard oil is cholesterol free, non-viscous in nature and has a balanced ratio of fats and oxidants.

• Mustard can be used as a natural medicine for the treatment of various ailments.

• Mustard is quite helpful to relieve headaches, toothaches and ear pains.

• Mustard seeds when applied to the chest can also help in preventing pneumonia.

• Mustard seeds mixed with sugar and little amount water helps control asthma.

• Mustard also helps in indigestion and stomach ache.

• One or two grams of mustard powder taken with water can help solve the problems of acidity, indigestion and other digestive system related problems.

• Mustard plant can also combat sinus problems.

• Powdered mustard is also used as appetite stimulant, anti-inflammatory digestive aid.

• Apart from that, even problems like uterus cancer can be cured with the natural powder of mustard.

Mustard plant is thus an extremely useful plant to mankind as all the parts of this plant can be effectively used for health benefits.

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