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Natural and Home Remedies » Home remedies for Sinusitis

Many people get sick when weather changes. One of the most common ailments is the sinus infection. Sinus infection or sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinuses and nasal passages.

Sinus infection can result in different ailments like headaches, pressure in the eyes and nose, coughs, fevers, bad breath, stuffy nose and runny nose. Sinus infection can be experienced commonly after a viral infection or due to the exposure to allergens.  The best remedy for sinus infection is the home care.

• One of the best home remedies for sinus is consuming half liter of vegetable juices like carrot, cucumber, beet and spinach. This is a very beneficial remedy for sinusitis.

• Fruits rich in Vitamin A are very effective for treatment of sinusitis. Mango is very rich in vitamin A.

• Drink plenty of water. Hot tea with lemon or honey is great since it give a soothing effect to the throat. Drinking plenty of apple cider vinegar is also very effective.

• Use steam or vaporizer with Vicks to loosen the mucus so that it is easily drained off.

• Sinusitis is well treated with cumin seeds. Ground roasted cumin seed mixed with pure honey is one of the effective remedies for sinusitis.

• Inhalation of black cumin seeds tied in a thin cotton cloth is one of the common home remedies for sinusitis.

• Consumption of fenugreek tea increases the perspiration which in turn reduces fever along with the sinusitis.

• Pungent foods like onion and garlic also prove to be very beneficial for the treatment of sinusitis.

• During sinusitis one should avoid consuming cold items, oily foods, junk foods and cold drinks. These items trigger the upper respiratory diseases.

• One should avoid direct blow of wind in any form. This includes driving in open air without wearing the helmet or covering the face except eyes; sitting directly under the fan or in front of the air-conditioner.

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