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Onion is in fact a food storage tissue of its plant. Onion is known for its antioxidant value, it is also a rich source for calcium and riboflavin. Nutritive value of onion for every 100 gm of edible parts is given below:

• Carbohydrates 11.1 percent

• Protein 1.2 percent

• Fat 0.1 percent

• Fiber 0.6 percent

• Minerals 0.4 percent

• Moisture 86.6 percent

Medicinal benefits of Onion

• Onion is the best preventive therapy used for colds, coughs, bronchitis and influenza. It can liquefy phlegm.

• Mix equal amount of onion juice and honey, take 3-4 spoon for respiratory disorders.

• Onion is a good source of iron and is used for anemia.

• Onion and sugar mixture is used to treat bleeding piles.

• Onion-juice taken along with honey daily will treat virile disorders.

• Onion-juice can kill worms present in intestinal.

• Warm onion juice dropped in to ears relieves from earache.

• To treat cholera take a mixture of 30 gm of onion and finely powdered black pepper seven in number.

• Onion can kill germs in mouth and is a good remedy for toothache.

• Onion can help strengthening the reproductive organs and to treat problems in urinary system.

• Onions provide immunity against disease when taken regularly in diet.

• The onion stops mucous and inhibits its fresh formation.

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