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Natural and Home Remedies » Medicinal properties of Rose water

Rose water is prepared from petals of rose flower. It is profoundly used in creams, hair-care products and face packs. Due to antiseptic and anti bacterial properties it can be used for the treatment of skin diseases. Medicinal values of rose water are-

• Rose water help in healing wounds, sun burns and reduces oil contents in oily skin. It can also be applied as an aftershave to soothe burning and irritated skin.

• Regular use of rose water helps to increases blood supply in the scalp and promotes hair growth.

• Take rose water bath (water mix with rose water) relieves fatigue and improves mood during stress and depression.

• Rose water has healing properties for treating inflamed glands and mild sore throat.

• Rose water can be used as eye drops for soothing effect in tired and fatigued eyes. People sitting in front of computers should make regular use of rose water as eye drops.

• Rose water helps in curing paining gums, strengthening of loose teeth and removes bad odor from the mouth.

• Rosewater is also used in therapeutic teas for stomach distresses and bladder infections.

• Rose water is used in treatment of nervous tension, peptic ulcers, and heart disease.

• Rose water can influence digestion, bile secretion, womb disorders and circulation due to its essence.

• Applying a cold compress of rose water for approximately 45 minutes helps in relieving headache.

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