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Natural and Home Remedies » Oil pulling - The miracle therapy

Oil pulling therapy is an ancient therapy to draw out the toxins from the body through mouth by rinsing with oil. Oil therapy is worth a try because the technique is very easy, simple and cheap.

Many of us have heard of oil pulling therapy, but neglected it thinking its ridiculous and many have not known the benefits of this therapy and some do not know the proper technique. And there are groups that know not of this therapy. This article will focus on the procedure and benefits of the therapy.


Step 1: Every morning, without eating or drinking anything, take one tablespoon of oil (sunflower oil or sesame oil), but do not swallow.

Step 2: Sip, suck and pull the oil in between the teeth. This will help the oil to mix with the saliva thoroughly. The enzymes in the saliva get activated to draw the toxins from the body. Carry out this process for about 10-15 minutes, preferably till the oil turns thin, white and foamy.

Step 3: Spit out the foamy white oil and then rinse the mouth thoroughly followed by proper regular brushing. This foamy substance contains all the toxins and harmful micro organisms absorbed from the blood, therefore make sure not to swallow it.


• The oil must not be swallowed

• This is a slow process. Do not expect results overnight.

• This therapy was found effective with sunflower oil and sesame oil. Do not choose any other oil.

Health benefits:

• This practice has proved effective in cleansing the mouth from harmful bacteria thereby improving dental health. This reduces plaque and gum bleeds. It purifies the taste buds.

• The therapy has shown to have antiviral and anti inflammatory properties, improved joint pains, neck pain, arthritis, headache, migraines, sinus infections allergies and skin infections.

• It has proved to solve digestive problems like constipation and many more.

• The oil used is generally a good source of omega fatty acids, iron, copper, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins like A, B and E. The veins in the mouth help to absorb these vital nutrients form the oil for the body. This delays aging and lubricates the body system.

• It is a natural detoxifier. Helps the body to refresh and feel energetic. The antioxidant property of the oil helps to maintain the functions of cell tissues.

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