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Natural and Home Remedies » Sun bath and its advantages

Sun bath is an expose of body towards sun light, for health benefits.It induce vitamin D production which is necessary for the development of healthy bones, teeth and avoid rickets in children’s and osteomalacia in adults.

Sun bath enhance removal of toxin such as heavy metals, poisonous substances from the bloodstream.

Sun bath increases the production of red blood cells and enhance oxygen transport to cells so that it boost up immunity and it enhance to heal wounds like stomach ulcers quickly.

Sun bath increases the level of endorphin hormone which improves stress resistance, concentration and maintain healthy blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart rate and respiration rates.

Sun bath enhance sex driven stamina which reduce infertility problems

Regular sunbath improves relief from fatigue, backache, nausea during pregnancy.

Sun bath improves well-being such as appetite, kidney function, thyroid function, muscular strength, sleeping habits and other metabolic process.

Tips to sun bath:

  • Initially the body should be exposed to sunlight for 5 to 10 minutes, the anterior parts followed by posterior parts of body and later on time can be increased gradually for sun exposure.
  • While taking the sun bath the head should be covered and the eyes should be closed. 
  • The mild sun in the morning or evening has no harmful effects on the body.
  • The discomfort during a sun bath like burning sensation is an indication of excessive exposure to sunlight.


Along with benefits some of risks due to sunbath like scaliness, dryness, reddening, roughness, leatheriness of the skin, and wrinkles.


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