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Toothache is a very common discomfort in the present day lifestyle. These toothaches usually occur at night and disturb our sleep. This is due to the fact that while lying down, blood pressure is high towards the head. Most of us would have gone through this terrible ill feeling and wish for an immediate remedy.

Here are few home remedies that can be followed to relieve toothache:

Ice massage: Placing a cube of ice on the cheeks can ease the pain. It is found that rubbing an ice cube for a long time is an effective toothache remedy.

Garlic: Crush a clove of garlic, mix it with a little rock salt and place it in the affected area. Alternatively, garlic mixed with a little rock salt can be chewed to relive pain.

Clove: Clove oil is a very good home remedy for aches. Apply clove oil on the aching tooth. Or clove can be chewed with the aching tooth. It gives an instant relief from pain.

Onion: Onion is found to have antibacterial property. Chew a few pieces of raw onion to ease the pain.

Asafetida: Mix asafetida with a few drops of lime. Heat the solution slightly and apply on the tooth.

Pepper: Take some pepper powder and mix it with few drops of clove oil and apply on the affected tooth.

Salt water: Rinse the mouth thoroughly with warm water mixed with rock salt.

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