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Natural and Home Remedies » Wheat grass - power house of nutrients

Wheatgrass has high concentrations of chlorophyll, active enzymes, trace elements, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Chlorophyll present in the wheat grass acts as a hemoglobin. 10 gm of wheat grass powder is equal to 2 kilograms of vegetables. Regular consumption of wheat grass with empty stomach ensure perfect health such as

• Builds blood cells.

• Helps in blood purification, liver detoxification and colon cleansing.

• Improves digestion system.

• Fight against infections and improves the body's ability to heal wounds.

• Helps in removing heavy metals from the body.

• Helps in treating skin problems like eczema or psoriasis.

• Helps in preventing tooth decay, hair loss and dark circles around eyes.

• Helps to reduce body odors.

• Helps in boosting sexual strength.

• Provide unfavorable environment to bacteria and viruses.

• Helps in slowing the aging process of cell.

• Relieves from general body pains.

• Helps to treat constipation and keep the bowels open.

• Induces hunger and relieves from sleeplessness.

• Keep blood sugar and blood pressure under control.

• Helps in combating diseases such as cancer, menstrual problems, leukemia, insomnia etc.

Directions to use: Add one tablespoon of powder in a glass of water and have it in the morning with empty stomach.

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