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Nutrition and Fitness » A Spoonful of Sugar Can Control Anger

We think we may have found one of the best excuses ever to eat a bar of chocolate. And it's nothing to do with how cocoa antioxidants are good for your heart or anything like that. Apparently eating sugar helps if you're about to blow your top. A high concentration of glucose appears to help prevent aggression and loss of character.

Recently researchers have found that higher levels of sugar can help in controlling anger and can prevent temper loss. They have divided into two groups. To decrease the instability of glucose, more than sixty college students were fasted. Then all the participants were asked to participate in a taste test study.

Their response time was measured against their opponents and it was computerised. Among all participants, one group were provided with lemonade with sugar, whereas other group were provided with lemonade with substitute of sugar. After eight minutes of wait, which permit glucose to be mixed in the bloodstream, they took part in the reaction test.

All the participants were asked to press a button with their unseen partner as fast as in twenty-five trials. Whoever was slower received a blast of white noise through their headphones. At the start of every trail, participants fix the levels of noise which their partner would acquire, if they were slower.
The sound was rated on a scale of one to ten from sixty decibels to one hundred and five decibels. Every participant won twelve out of twenty-five trails. Aggression was evaluated by intensity of noise that participant opt on first trail prior to provoke by their partner.

The results showed that participants who drank the lemonade sweetened with sugar behaved less aggressively than those who drank lemonade with a sugar substitute. Those who drank the sugar-sweetened drink chose a noise level averaging five out of ten, while those with the sugar substitute averaged six.

According to study, drinking sweetened lemonade can help in providing short term energy, required to prevent lashing out at others. The main problem is that the number of people having problem of metabolizing glucose is rising speedily. This is the first study to find that boosting glucose levels can diminish actual aggressive behaviour.

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