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Did you ever wish to drop your head down on the desk and take a short nap after lunch? No one has escaped this temptation. Usually we fight against a nap else we are labeled as unproductive and lazy. But researchers have described this noon nap as a power nap which has its own health, physical and emotional benefits. Here are few interesting benefits of a nap.


 • Nap boosts memory power.

 • Nap keeps the heart in a good working condition.

 • A nap controls blood pressure.

 • Nap refreshes and re energizes the body and mind.

 • A nap fights against mood swings and emotional depression due to insufficient sleep at night.

 • A nap improves alertness and focus on work.

 • An afternoon nap has found to reduce stress.

Tips for good napping

 • Choose the right place and comfortable position. A nap has an impact on the surrounding.

 • A perfect nap is 25 - 45 minutes. This can equal your seven hours of night sleep.

 • Avoid a nap after 4pm. A late day nap will affect your night sleep.

 • Do not take caffeinated drinks before a nap.

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