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One third of every person’s life is spent in sleep. Dreaming is a mysterious feeling that we experience while sleeping.  During the Roman era, people considered dream to be messages from gods and so they attempt to interpret them. Many artists have got a lot of beautiful ideas from such dreams. But there are lots of facts about dreams that we are unaware of.  Here are few amazing facts regarding dreams.

90% of dream is forgotten:  By the time we wake up most of us tend to forget about 50% of our dream and slowly the whole dream is forgotten with only a wage remembrance.

Blind people’s dream: For a person born blind, dreams about senses like touch, smell and emotions. People who have lost their eyesight after their birth are able to see images.

Do all living being dream? : All mammal including animals are known to have process that are involved with dream. It is found that women are able to remember more details of their dreams than men.

We dream what we know
: We usually see many imaginary strangers in our dreams, but it is not true. We dream of real faces that we would have come across in our life time, we do not remember.

Not every dream is colorful: In 12% of people dream are in black and white.  While for majority of people dreams are colorful.

Recurring dreams: Though most of the dreams are dreamt only once, few people experience recurring dreams.

Number of sequences: On an average, we have about 4 to 8 dreams in a single night. We dream for about 2 hours every night.

Some interesting facts:

• When you snore, you do not dream.
• Babies up to 3 to 4 years do not dream about themselves.  An 8 years old baby experience more nightmares when compared to adults.
• The word “dream” derived from dreme meaning joy and music.

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