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Nutrition and Fitness » Are having six meals a day better than having meals thrice?

To eat three meals a day or to eat six meals a day: is the question? One must have heard many nutritionists and fitness expert stating that eating six meals a day is healthier.

While the amount of weight one lose or gain depends upon the total calories intake, calories are not the only parameter one should be bothered about. When you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or just be healthy, eating meals six times a day is much more advantageous than having it in the traditional way, i.e., three times day.
Reasons why one should have six meals a day:

Our body is capable of utilizing only a limited amount of nutrients at a time. With small and frequent meals, there is an ample opportunity for nutrients absorption. Maximum retention of nutrients is necessary to build the muscles fast.

Providing the body with complete protein source at each meal will help the body to maintain an anabolic and positive nitrogen balance state.

Six meals a day diet is also very effective in reducing the total cholesterol and LDL levels in the body, thus reducing the risks of the cardiovascular diseases.

A human body is less likely to store fat when it is fed continuously, at regular intervals. Normally, a body tends to store the fat we consume, for its future use. But having meals six times a day, makes it utilize the total fat consumed. And we all know that less storage of fat in the body decreases the risks of most of the heart and cardiovascular diseases.

But one should always remember that eating small frequent meals does not mean consuming unhealthy diets.  Though the quantity does not matter, the quality of the food always matters. So, always tend to eat healthy, balanced and frequent diet as per body requirements.

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