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Nutrition and Fitness » Are You Cutting The Right Calorie?

Have you ever realize that you are doing right and lot of exercise and you are trying to lose weight from long time and it is supposed to take you towards a lighter, fitter body, yet your weighing machine does not agree.Why?Are you cutting right calorie? Answers is definitely No. Reasons are given below:

• Instead of losing calorie by cutting solid food intake it is better to reduce taking calorie from beverages like soda, sweetend iced teas and fruit drinks.

• Taking liquid does not satiate the body the way chewing solid food does and indirectly it causes overeating.

• It is always advisable to have whole fruit than to rely on fruit juices because whole fruit will provides you fibre, whereas in juices you will find additive sugar that helps you to increase weight.

• Cold drinks and carbonated beverages always help to increase weight,if you want to keep your weight in control,remain away from all these type of carbonated drinks  because they contains empty calories.

• Fruit juices are also not of much help as they don’t satisfy your everyday calorie intake and you still carve for solid food and tends you to eating more.

• You have to stop taking fruits in more quantity those have high glycemic index like banana,sugarcane,chiku,grapes,mango.This will helps in reducing body weight.

So, don’t starve yourself at meals, just by reducing your intake of liquid calorie you tends to reduce more weight.

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