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Nutrition and Fitness » Benefits of Eating Salad Everyday

Nowadays,everyone wants to look beautiful ,have glowing skin, six pack and hourglass shape You will be pleased to know that there is very simple  solution through which  you can gift yourself perfect figure ,just change your  eating habits like stop taking junk foods that are deep-fried and rich in cholesterol and add fresh salad everyday in you meal.Having salad in your menu is most healthiest eating habit and it is very simplest and easiest way to stay fit and beautiful,It is also easy to prepare.

Simply add some of your favorite fat free or reduced fat dressing and experience some of the following health benefits.

• Salad serves the need of taking high fibre diet and helps to lower cholesterol level.

• Cellulose in salad helps to prevent constipation and it also minimizes intestinal disorders and may also serve as an aid in dieting.

• Salad contains an abundance of minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which are essential to physical well-being.

• When you eat salad before meal, you will feel full and this help to decrease food intake and leads to weight loss.

• Eating salad also helps to provide high level of  antioxidants which lower the causing of many illness such as cancer and heart diseases

• Eating salad help you to get closer to everyday intake of vegetables and fruit.

You can add beans, peas, string beans, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, apples, nectarines, peaches, plums, pears, and strawberries in your salad. It will definitely help you to overcome helath problems.

After knowing all these benefits, you are going to start eating salad everyday.Right?

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