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Swimming is an enjoyable activity which is equivalent to jogging. It is good for your body and mind which can be continued throughout your life. Swimming regularly will strengthen your muscle, helps for cardiovascular fitness, and builds endurance and it burns 3 calories a mile per pound of body weight. Gliding through the water has a cooling and relaxing effect, try doing it after your office hours. The blood flow is also enhanced.

Swimming is a kind of relaxation if done with low effort with mild strokes; it is also a kind of meditation that helps to gain a feeling of well-being. Many swimmers tend to develop time-management, courage, goal-setting and sportsmanship. It is more beneficiary when practiced in groups.

Health benefits of Swimming:

• It prevents from heart disease by helping to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol level in people.

• It reduces the risk towards stroke or heart attack.

• It is one of the physical activities in which your whole body needs to work. This increase the flexibility of joints.

• During swimming the breath is regulated and blood circulation is enhanced.

• In general it has a relaxing effect on your mind.

• It is good for pregnant women as it relieves the joint pains and high blood pressure.

• It is helpful for post-surgery patients and helps to reduce muscular atrophy.

• It can be good for asthma patient.

• It is a good workout method and this will increase your appetite.

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