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Nutrition and Fitness » Cut Down on Calories to Live a Long Life

Cutting down Calories cannot only make you live 100 years but also helps you to live a healthy life. Eating breakfast gives you control over what you eat for the rest of the day. By cutting down the intake of calorie and maintaining the essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals will prolong our life up to 40 percent.

The risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetics is reduced by cutting down the calories. And also the age related degeneration of brain and nervous system is reduced due to the cutting down of calories. An extra-low calorie diet, including specialist sprouted- grain bread and plenty of vegetables such as turnip, broccoli, and cauliflower, is believed to reduce the damage to cells caused by compounds known as free radicals. The compounds have been linked to heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease but can be neutralised by the antioxidants found in healthy foods. The age related hearing loss can also be neutralised by the calorie restriction.

The better ways to reduce calories

• Daily brisk walk in the morning and evening will help to burn the extra calories and keep us fit and healthy. The amount of calories lost will depend upon the speed and distance the person walks.

• De-stress the body will help us to reduce the calories. Because a person tends to eat more when they are in stress and this will in turn result in over calories. Yoga and meditation is the best way to de stress the body. It makes the body flexible and relaxes the mind.

• Stop eating junk foods. Because junk foods has more calories and it is fried in the oil. People think regular exercise with junk food will help us to reduce calories, but this will not happen. The junk food has the bad fat content and it will harm the body.

• A healthy lifestyle includes a balance between a good diet and the right amount of exercise.
Proper diet should be followed for the restriction of calories. Starving due to hunger will not reduce calories, it will in turn lead to other problems. Diet with proper nutrients should be followed.

• Intake of more fruits and vegetables will reduce the calorie and lead us a healthy life. Cutting down the intake of processed food and also foods rich in calories will make the person to have a healthy life.

• Use minimum oil for cooking. Cut down the deep fried items for the healthy life.

• Drink more water and lose your weight. Drinking water will help you feel more full between meals, aids in hydration and metabolism. Besides, water is inexpensive and can even help your skin look better. The benefits of water really go on and on.

• Most people love soda from time to time and some of us like drinking it every day. It might take a little bit of getting used to but if you switch from a regular soda to a diet soda or a zero calorie soda like Coke Zero you can cut a lot of calories out of your diet.

• Avoiding alcohol and smoking help us in maintaining low calorie and healthy life. These alcohol and smoking is an extra calorie so it better to stop them from reducing it.

• Avoid outside foods. Because eating outside will have more calories and cause more health problems. So it is better to pack food from home, instead of eating outside.

• Eat in smaller plates. It might seem like a silly suggestion but the simple act of buying smaller plates can help you eat less. When the space is less, you tend to eat less and it is a good control practices to cut down calories. And it does’t mean to starve yourself but don't go back for second helpings either.

“If you are cutting calories it is very important to plan your diet very carefully to ensure adequate nutrition. There are risks to being very underweight too.”

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