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Nutrition and Fitness » Cut down on soda/coke drinks

Soda, coke, fountain drink, whatever it may be called, is the most favorite drink in the present generation among children, teens and grown ups. These drinks are believed to have many undesirable health issues.

Here are few reasons why you need to say “No” to soda drinks:

Weight gain: Cola drinks have high risk for obesity. Obesity in turn leads to other health problems like diabetes, heart disease, back pain, etc.

Calories: Soda drinks contribute the body with calories that lacks nutrients and these calories turn into fats.

Osteoporosis: Intake of cola increases the potassium level in body and decrease in calcium level.This leads to low bone marrow density, especially in women.

Diabetes: The risk of type 2 diabetes is higher, due to high calories and large amount of readily absorbable sugars in coke drinks.

Kidney stones: Consumption of soda drinks is associated with increase in urinary oxalate, citrate and magnesium levels. These components contribute to kidney stone formation.

Dental problems: Cola drinks destroy the teeth enamel, leading to weak teeth and other major dental problems.

Caffeine content: High dosage of caffeine present in soda, leads to high blood pressure.  Gastrointestinal problems, dehydration, frequent urination are other problems it can cause.

Acidity: Cola drinks have been proved to have acidic pH. This might lead to tiredness, heartburn, and immune deficiency. It is been found that an acidic environment favors the growth of cancerous cells.

Toxic sweeteners: Soda is prepared with artificial sweeteners that are toxic and harmful to health. Problems such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, brain tumors, Alzheimer disease, birth defects, male infertility are found associated with these sweeteners.

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