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Skin consists of melanin protein which causes pigmentation and it is maintained by cleansing, moisturizing and toning. Eat fresh vegetables and dry fruits like almond, walnut, apricot and pista for skin tone.

Maintain a healthy balanced diet and adequate sleep in order to keep a youthful and beautiful skin tone for life long.

• Take milk every morning to maintain beauty.

• Almonds are natural moisturizers since they contain high dosage of vitamin E and oil extracted from almonds is used for treating dark circles and excessively dry skin.

• Apricot helps to refresh the skin and gives a glow and luster to skin.

• Pista helps to main cellular protection and Hydration to skin.

• Vitamin A helps to protection against sun damage; sources include broccoli, carrots, mango, papaya, spinach, sweet potato, tomatoes and watermelon.

• Vitamin B helps to maintain healthy skin tone; sources include banana, fish, eggs, meat, poultry, and whole grains.

• Vitamin C helps to support structure for the skin; sources include orange, lime, lemon, guava, indian gooseberry, strawberries and green and red peppers.

• Vitamin E helps to slow down the ageing process; sources include almonds, leafy vegetables, legumes and salmon fish.

• Selenium and zinc helps to keep skin elasticity; oyster is a very good source of both zinc and selenium, other sources include mushrooms, seafood, soybeans, wheat germ and whole grains.

Besides having a healthy meal it is very important to drink lots of water to keep the skin well hydrated and maintain elasticity and regular exercise helps to supply more oxygen to skin cells, reduce wrinkles, crow's feet and bagginess around eyes.

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